Il 24.05.2017

The Constitution of Canada: History, Evolution, Influence and Reform

On the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Confederation. In memory of Alessandro Pizzorusso

Convened by
Giuseppe Martinico
Richard Albert
Antonia Baraggia
Cristina Fasone

8.30am: Welcoming Remarks

8.45am: Panel I: The Migration of Ideas

Chair Guerino D’Ignazio (University of Calabria)

1. Hillel Sommer (Radzyner Law School- IDC Herzliya): The Canadian Override Mechanisms: A “Bête Noire”? A White Knight? Designing 50 Shades of Grey
2. Leonardo Pierdominici (University of Bologna and European University Institute): The Canadian Living Tree Doctrine as a Comparative Model of Evolutionary Constitutional Interpretation
3. Francisco Javier Romero (University of the Basque Country): The Spanish Vision of the Clarity Act: From Idealization to the Myth
Discussant: Angioletta Sperti (University of Pisa)

10:20am: Panel II: Institutional Challenges

Chair Marco Olivetti (LUMSA, Rome)
1. James Gardner (SUNY Buffalo Law School): Canadian Federalism in Design and Practice: The Mechanics of a Permanently Provisional Constitution
2. Lorne Neudorf (Thompson Rivers University): Executive Erosion of Parliamentary Sovereignty: Comparative Perspectives on Lawmaking in Canada and the United Kingdom
3. Peter Price (University of Cambridge): Provincializing Constitutions: History, Narrative, and the Recovery of Canada’s Provincial Constitutions
4. Allan Tatham (CEU-San Pablo Madrid): Diffusing Canadian Constitutional Values Abroad: The Diplomatic Work of the Supreme Court of Canada
Discussant: Paolo Passaglia (University of Pisa)

12:00pm: Keynote Address
Susanna Mancini (University of Bologna and Johns Hopkins University): Constitutional Currents and Cross-Currents: From Canada to Europe and Back

Lunch Break

2:00pm: Panel III: The Constitution Across Time

Chair Matteo Nicolini (University of Verona)

1. Brian Bird (McGill University): The Unbroken Supremacy of the Canadian Constitution
2. Eszter Bodnár (Eötvös Loránd University): Transparency of the Selection Process for the Supreme Court of Canada: What Can the World Learn From Canada, What Can Canada Learn From the World?
3. Marcel Martel (York University Toronto): The “French Canadian” Moment and the “Quebec” Moment: A Comparison Between 1867 and 1967
4. Charlotte Helen Skeet (University of Sussex): Post-Coloniality and the Development of Women’s Constitutional Rights in Canada
Discussant: Patricia Popelier (University of Antwerp)



Il 24.05.2017

Da 08:30

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