Il 19.09.2017

Inequality and Conflict Intensification in Mandate Palestine

Laura Panza - University of Melbourne

The Institute of Economics will hold the next meeting of its Seminar Series on Tuesday, September 19, 2017: Laura Panza, from the University of Merbourne, will present the paper Inequality and Conflict Intensification in Mandate Palestine.


We examine the effect of income inequality on Arab-Jew conflict intensification in Mandate Palestine. Using archival, primary, and secondary sources, we construct a novel panel data set comprising district-level characteristics and conflict intensity across 18 districts over 22 years (1926-1947). We instrument income inequality by combing annual variation in rainfall with cross-sectional variation in pre-Mandate crop intensity, thus exploiting the relationship between crop harvests and agricultural earnings to extract plausibly exogenous variation in income inequality. Our findings point to a substantial effect of Jew-Arab income inequality on conflict intensification. This effect is driven by Arab-initiated attacks which also resulted in more Arab casualties.




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Il 19.09.2017

Da 14:00

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Sede centrale - Aula 3
P.zza martiri della libertà, 38
56127 Pisa
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